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 Poem: It Hurts

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PostSubject: Poem: It Hurts   Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:16 am

It Hurts
Bryson Lopez
13 March 2010

It hurt a little, when you pushed that knife into my heart
But it’s just pain
Every time I think of you I should be happy
Your smile was warmer than the sun
And now the tears flow like a broken fountain
I guess you could say it hurts

It stings a little, when I’m reminded of how you don’t want me
But it’s just pain
We used to laugh and enjoy each others company
You were my drug, the only vice I prayed to never give up
Now I shake at night and sleep is no longer my friend
I guess you could say it hurts

It surprised me a little, when I no longer felt your love
But it’s just pain
I thought I was lucky enough to find someone so good
You made me think heaven was in your arms
But heaven was not meant for me and I was a fool to think so
I guess you could say it hurts

I’m empty inside
I am broken
And my heart no longer holds joy, or happiness, or even hope
My tears burn and my soul is damaged beyond repair
It is pain
And it hurts so much

"Melissa Forever" - Bryson Lopez I love you
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Poem: It Hurts
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