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 Poem: Moments

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PostSubject: Poem: Moments   Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:10 am

Bryson Lopez
12 March 2010

I remember your smile, your laugh, your touch
I remember your warm embrace
I see it clear as day
There was a moment when you loved me

I remember telling you my dreams
I remember gazing into your eyes and beyond into our future
I know it because it was real
And in that moment you loved me

I remember your tears, your anger, your hurt
I remember hoping against hope to get things right
I feel it as if it were yesterday
Yet even so in this moment you still loved me

I remember when it ended, when I cried, when my heart finally broke
I remember feeling I should rage and hate you and hate the world
I suppressed it for a moment beyond eternity
I loved you
I love you
I will always love you

"Melissa Forever" - Bryson Lopez I love you
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Poem: Moments
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