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 Poem: It Is Not Broken

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PostSubject: Poem: It Is Not Broken   Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:56 pm

It Is Not Broken
Bryson Lopez
14 March 2010

It is much colder than I remember, this place
It used to be filled with so much
The laughter and joy seemed incapable of being contained
Love once lived here

The echoes are vaguely familiar
The essence is the same yet I cannot escape the thought
That something ominous is present
It creeps, moving in a slithering fashion
Wrapping itself around this place
At first I thought it was tightening and squeezing
But I was wrong

It is not as strong as I remember, this place
It used to fend off frivolous attacks with not so much as a mere chuckle
It was a fortress, safe, guarded
Love once lived here

It is not being squeezed, there is no tightening
Instead I fear it is something far worse
I look around and can see it now, this feeling
It has not come to destroy this place
But rather it came to bond
The walls reek of its stench
The odor of hurt, pain, despair, and rejection seems to be coated everywhere

It is not how I remember, this place
It used to be my comfort and joy
I could run and hide here and be enveloped in her love
Her love once lived here

I don’t like it
It is lonely and scary, this place
I hate it here
It is not broken like the old poems and stories would have you believe
It is transformed into a suffocating and tormenting hell that I will never escape

Her love used to live here, in this place
But it shall never again feel her warmth
I cannot hide, and I cannot stay
She was my certainty and that is now gone
And I fear I shall never love again

"Melissa Forever" - Bryson Lopez I love you
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Poem: It Is Not Broken
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