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 Guns 'N Roses (Gardens)

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PostSubject: Guns 'N Roses (Gardens)   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:53 pm

Agent Zero- possibly done for the season. IMO David Stern's suspensions are an exercise of his power and not within rules/guidelines of the Association. It seems he has the right to make an example of certain players based on their attitude.
Suspended indefinitely? I'm not sure if the rules say "No guns or you'll be suspended indefinitely" so I prob shouldn't comment further.

Rose Garden- Portland has beat the Lakers 9 straight at home. Might not seem like much, but the Lakers haven't been on the road much this season so perhaps this is a little fore-shadowing? If they're gonna lose to an injury depleted Blazers team featuring AARP center Juwan Howard, how legit can they be?
If you are a Lakers fan, I HATE YOU.
LOL I'm kidding...?

"Melissa Forever" - Bryson Lopez I love you
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Guns 'N Roses (Gardens)
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