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 Fantasy Hoops Screw Ups

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PostSubject: Fantasy Hoops Screw Ups   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:45 pm

Champions League:
Picked up Iverson and Yi off the wire, dropped them both and now they're doing good...
I plyed the wrong guys on Friday while my bench player went off...

Hawaiian Hoops:
No real mistakes there except not watching the wire when people drop the players I need

Public Winners:
Team is too well-rounded to make moves, even when I want certain players. Holding on to A.Randolph might be a mistake. But grabbing TMac might be a good investment

I started with solid PG's in CP3 and Kidd, alongside Jonny Flynn. Acquired Mo Williams in a trade, dropped Flynn. In hindsight I prob shoud've kept him. Also had CDR, dropped him.

I'm in a funk this season.
My decisions aren't spot on like they have been in the past...

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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy Hoops Screw Ups   Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:43 pm

I can't wait for next season so I can play in one of those "winners" leagues.

Champions League: In first doing really well, had a great draft. After today I'm like 7-8 games ahead of everyone...I think. Trying to get one more big....got two trade offers out there today & will see what happens.

Hawaiian Hoops: In third doing great! Kicking your butt this week B. LOL - 8-1. Hope I don't regret our trade, but West & AI#2 are stepping up.

Private League: These guys have been playing together for EVER...since 2001! They needed one more & somehow I stumbled accros it. Good league, the commish has won 6 or 7 of the last 10 seasons. I'm in 6, tmr will be in 5th. My team is tight!! And I have Griffin who comes back soon.

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Been in first most of the season, now in second.

I'm kicking butt in all my leagues, a first place trophy is near in several of these leagues. My goal is to win ONE this season & place in all of the above 4!
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Fantasy Hoops Screw Ups
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