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 Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills

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PostSubject: Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills   Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:00 pm

I did this list a long time ago, and will update soon/accordingly.
If you are in the market for something "good" take a look at my chart before you buy.
The emphasis will be on ephedra/ephedrine and nor-ephedrine pre-ban, and whatever comes after.


Syntrax Adipokinetix Hands down the best thermogenic I’ve ever used. This was obviously before Nor-Ephedrine was pulled from the shelves. Awesome energy, no crash. 10/10

SportPharma Thermodrene Another solid thermogenic. I was amped everytime I hit the gym. I was ripping it all day long when I was on this. 10/10

Twin Lab Ripped Fuel Pretty good product, gave me some nasty burps, but the energy was constant and long lasting. 8/10

Twin Lab Metabolift Same as Ripped Fuel, but with a nice appetite suppressant. 8/10

Biotest MD6 Another damn good thermo, albeit from a shady company. 9/10

IDS Kranker I capsule daily. This stuff was potent. Burps were bad if I didn’t drink enough water, but still a solid thermo. 9/10

IDS Spirosome Basically the same as Kranker. Liquid form was good as it was in my system in about 3min. Although I had to get used to the odd taste this one actually became my favorite. 10/10

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Yes, this was a good product, but I didn’t like the amount of capsules per serving. Too much… 7/10

Cytodyne Xenedrine RFA-1 Another good product, tho too expensive because of all the marketing and hype. 8/10


IDS Kranker Extreme Speed Gels Caffeine pills w/hoodia. Good appetite suppressant, better when stacked with ephedrine hcl. 5/10

IDS Caffeine Speed Gels Caffeine pills, nothing more.

BSL Go! Nice flavored energy drink. Decently priced at about a $1 per serving or so. Cheaper and (imo) better alternative to Red Bull. Flavors are like “Kool-Aid”. 6/10

Get Diesel Ready4War If being angry then super horny, then horny and angry at the same time is your thing, well this nasty tasting pre-workout drink is for you. There is no question about it’s potency. I wanted to hump old Chinese women when I was on this thing… 8/10

Nutrabolics Clenbutical Nutrabolics has a pretty decent line. Unfortunately Clenbutical did not make the list. Mild fat burner at best, NOT worth the price.

MuscleTech Hydroxycut This product is crap.

Cytodyne Xenedrine EFX This product is also crap.

Syntrax Beta3/Guggulbolic Extreme/MM4 Non-stimulant, difficult for the beginner to get used to. Since you don’t feel anything your conclusion is that it’s not working. But it is…

Legal Gear Lipoxene Middle of the road imo. Nothing special. Caps were abnormally large. Legal Gear was the first to methylate prohormones, but the rest of the line isn’t much to rave about.

Legal Gear Powertrain Big name, but results were less than awesome. See above reference to the company.

ASR Sports Magma 9 Pretty decent thermogenic in the post ephedra era. Good lasting energy, potent enough for a rating. 6/10

ALRI Venom This product is very good! Great energy and good appetite suppressant. No noticeable crash at the end of the day. 8/10 **Discontinued**
ALRI Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 Is this the Holy Grail of thermogenic supplements? Okay, they took a good product and made it even better! Sweet, long lasting, stimulating energy, along with good appetite suppression. No crash. 9/10 **Recommended**

USPLabs Recreate This is a solid weight loss supplement! Honestly, one of my favorites. No crash. 9/10 **Recommended**

Anabolic Xtreme Slim Xtreme A little pricey, but I found this to be one of the best post-ban weight-loss pills. Seriously this one has no crash. 9/10 **Discontinued**

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PostSubject: Re: Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:20 pm

Back in the day, I took Hydroxycut off and on for years. For me, the only thing that has helped to keep the weight off is proper diet and exercise, particularly eating a diet more heavy on raw, natural foods.
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PostSubject: Re: Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills   Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:47 pm

i use hydroxycut very minimal (1 cap per day) before working out and it helped out a lot. was like 190 now i'm around 167 to 170.. lost 20 lbs in like, 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

maybe i was just pushing myself on the bball court (hate boring cardio machines), but 20 lbs in 3 weeks is pretty good, imo.

i changed my diet, a little bit (not a big soda drinker anymore), but for the most part i would have a burger (cut the fries), pizza or burrito every now and then. like 3 to 4 times a week, hahha.. but yeah, it's working for me.
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PostSubject: Re: Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:59 am

I love my stims aka happy pills.

I like the Spike tabs by biotest
R4W Get Diesel, his new JP8 is nasty, no thank you.
Jacked by USPlabs

Many of these you mentioned B I've never tried, so I'm excited to check em' out.

Today I took 2 Stackers, been a long time since I last had them. They were great.

I like the taste of Red Bull but don't really feel it like I once did. AND, it's great with vodka! But mixing an upper with a downer is not the best thing.

Same goes for Monster energy drink. LOVE that taste but rarely get it.

Felt NOTHING from Biotest's Spike energy drinks.

Ahhh, Biotest has a energy all day shot, it worked really well for me when I tried.

And at home I'll make some ice coffee with a lil' brown sugar, that's a good pre-workout every now & then.

Hey B, you ever take the Reset AD? It's for the adrenals.
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PostSubject: Re: Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills   

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Thermogenics, Fat-Burners, and Diet Pills
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