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 Reputation Points and Thank You Button

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PostSubject: Reputation Points and Thank You Button   Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:35 am

This is a brief overview of the Reputation Point and Thank You button.

These are points given by members to other members to show how helpful their posts are. Rep points also show ho helpful or knowledgeable a member is. In a nutshell members with higher Reputation Points are generally considered trustworthy, knowledgeable, helpful and at the very least, popular.

Reputation points are found on the left side of user posts, in the same box as the member's username.
Positive and Negative points can be given by clicking the appropriate +/- buttons located on the right side of a member's post.

Please Do Not abuse this system! It is intended to help forum members find those who are helpful and also identify those who are not.

** If giving reputation points be sure to click the appropriate button. They are close together so take the time to click the correct button. **

Thank You Button:
The Thank You button works in the reputation system and is a button located at the top of a member's post. If you find the thread helpful or meaningful you may "thank" them by clicking this button.
Thank You votes count as 3 Reputation points.

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Reputation Points and Thank You Button
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